4-Week Personalized Coaching

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  • Custom progressive training programs tailored to suit personal needs.  All exercises include visual illustrations.
  • Personalized diet/meal plans accompanied with caloric/macronutrient targets.
  • Weekly email check-ins involving training & calorie/macro adjustments, when required.  
  • Unlimited daily email contact.  Response will be within the day, usually instant for brief and general questions.  I’ll respond as soon as I can.  


  • Bodyweight scale.
  • Food scale, preferably a digital scale that weighs in multiple units. 
  • Weekly email check-ins.  You’ll include your daily weigh-ins for the previous 7 days.  You’ll also provide front, side, and rear progress photos for tracking purposes.  These tools are crucial to help me determine your goals for the following week.
  • Calorie/Macro tracking application such as MyFitnessPal.  This is useful, as you’ll be tracking calories and macronutrient intakes.  I’ll provide you with all calorie/macro information beforehand (in your meal plans), but in situations where you’ll want to replace and/or add a food source, you can track via these apps.
  • Responsibility:  You are responsible for accurately tracking and performing all aspects of your nutrition and training regimens.  Please send me weekly check-in information on time so we can stay on track.  If any questions arise, email me at any moment! There’s no such thing as a “stupid” question, don’t be afraid to ask away. Communication is key! 

Once you sign up, I'll send over a Questionnaire/Assessment.  Please make sure you provide a working email.  After submitting your filled questionnaire, allow 3-7 days so I can create your initial personalized training/meal plans.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me at JeffOrtizCoaching@gmail.com

Other forms of payments are also accepted such as Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, etc... Please email me if you'd like to pay via these applications/methods.


*This service is non-refundable.*